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Indiana University Bloomington

Black Film Center/Archive College of Arts and Sciences

About Us

The BFC/A DOES NOT distribute any part of its collection.

Mission of the Black Film Center/Archive:

The Black Film Center/Archive was established in 1981 as a repository of films and related materials by and about Black people. Included are films which have substantial participation by Black writers, actors, producers, directors, musicians, and consultants, as well as those which depict some aspect of black experience.

BFC/A CollectionThe BFC/A is a facility where scholars, students and researchers can view films and have access to auxiliary research facilities on the Indiana University Bloomington campus. Black Camera, an international film journal published through the Black Film Center/Archive and IU Press, serves as an academic, professional, and community resource.

In order to maintain a comprehensive research archive, the BFC/A does not distribute any part of its collection. However, the BFC/A maintains a database of over 8,000 films, not all of which are in the collection. For a minimal fee, database research information concerning those films is available to be faxed or mailed.

Objectives of the Black Film Center/Archive:

  • To expand the film collection of historic and current films by and about Blacks.
  • To encourage the continuation of creative film activity by independent Black filmmakers.
  • To undertake and encourage research in the history, meaning, and aesthetics of black film.
  • To guide and support students and researchers in Black Film Studies.